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2016 Top Rated Marketing Automation Software BadgeHubSpot is an all-in-one inbound marketing engine. They recently launched their own CRM tool, available for free online. HubSpot scores at or above the Marketing Automation average across the board, indicating extremely high user satisfaction. It particularly excels in the areas of in-person training (9.3) and overall support (8.8)—the attribute with the lowest average rating for the category as a whole, indicating that it may be a common pain point for Marketing Automation users. HubSpot is a Top Rated Marketing Automation product in both the small business and mid-sized company segments. Note that since HubSpot's feature set is geared towards users in these two segments, it is less complex than some of the MA products designed for enterprises.

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***Based on (398) User reviews of HubSpot on TrustRadius
Company Status: Public (HUBS)
Customers: 15,000+
Employees: 1,168*
Location: Cambridge, MA (headquarters); Portsmouth, NH; Dublin, Ireland; Sydney, Australia; Singapore
Founded: 2006
Acquisitions: Rekindle, a mobile networking app; PrepWork, an appointment briefing tool; Chime, an in-browser notification tool; oneforty, a “buyer's guide” app for social media marketers; and Performable, Marketing Automation focused on ROI analysis.
Integrations: Microsoft Dynamics CRM, NetSuite, Pipeliner CRM, Salesforce, Unbounce, GoToWebinar, SurveyMonkey, Zoho, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Dropbox, Google Drive, Wordpress, Eventbrite and Magento
Most compared to**: Pardot, Marketo Salesforce, Infusionsoft, Act-On
Best fit for***: Companies with a long sales cycle that involves education, where buyers are researching and comparing options.

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Summary of HubSpot Reviews

Source: (398) User reviews of HubSpot on TrustRadius, (270) written or updated in the last year
HubSpot Pros HubSpot Cons
All-in-one platform
  • Multiple capabilities built into a single platform makes juggling additional marketing tools unneccesary.
Social capabilities
  • Some quibbles about the built-in social capabilities. Users say platform choices, post tracking/analysis, and post reliability have room for improvement.
Customer success programs
  • HubSpot is very focused on the success of its users through coaching, training, weekly blog posts, user conferences (INBOUND), local user communities (HUGs), customer support, etc.
  • Non-technical users say HubSpot is lacking in options; more technical users say the interface limits their ability to include custom code.
  • Templates and reports are particularly inflexible.
  • Users said HubSpot reports are digestible and actionable, and they like the visibility of the analytics Dashboard. However, there are complaints that reports are slow, incomplete, hard to export and/or hard to customize.
  • Some would like to see automated report notifications or weekly summary emails, features they liked in competing MA software.
    Note: The vendor says that HubSpot does allow users to regularly receive reports by email and it includes regular automated summaries.
  • The Content Optimization System, which replaced the CMS platform in 2013, is generally well received. COS allows users to create websites, edit content, and customize the web experience for visitors, without programming expertise.
  • With great convenience comes great limitation—technical and power users say they feel constrained by the COS design tools.
CRM integration
  • Though many users have had overall success with Salesforce integration, there are problems with reporting across HubSpot and SF.
  • Outside of the Salesforce integration, some users have struggled with integrations to other CRMs.
  • Users are excited about the new HubSpot CRM, but many say it is a work in progress and not yet functional enough for their needs.
Ease of use
  • User interface is intuitive. Real-time suggestions help guide users through campaign design and management.
  • Some issues such as slow speed and inconvenient formatting for import/export of contacts, report data and images.
Product development
  • Users said that HubSpot is constantly improving to address feedback, but updates can be confusing and are not always well tested.

Aggregate User Ratings of HubSpot on TrustRadius

HubSpot aggregate ratings in 2016 Marketing Automation Buyer's Guide

HubSpot Response to Reviewer Feedback

We love customer feedback, both here on TrustRadius and elsewhere, and we really appreciate everyone who's taken the time to share their thoughts with us. We're constantly putting customer feedback into action: we make thousands of bug fixes and improvements every month and our support team is always here to help along the way.

We put a lot of effort into making HubSpot easy (and enjoyable) to use and we try to balance that with the powerful features that our most serious users are looking for. For instance, we've built our Website tool so that even non-technical users can build beautiful sites, but we've also included the capability for advanced users to design and code completely custom sites that still benefit from the power of the HubSpot platform. You can see some examples of these sites on our design blog here: