QuickBooks Online is a SaaS version of the QuickBooks product. It contains all of the features found in the local version. Higher-priced plans include greater automation, payment management, inventory and time tracking, and analytics features. is definitely quick, easy, and gets the job done! Affordable!We use Quickbooks Online for our entire organization. We have around 120 clients, and Quickbooks helps us keep their accounts up-to-date and accurate. We really like the payments feature, and that it automatically logs the payment when someone pays online via their invoice. I feel that having this feature helps us get more payments on time, as well as saves us some time and effort.,The user interface is clean and things are easy to find. This saves us time from having to look for things we need. If we can't find something, the Help and Search features are easy to use. There is a bar graph at the top of my Customers page that shows a breakdown of overdue invoices, open invoices, and those that have been paid in the last 30 days. This is nice because I can see all this information quickly when I need it. We can customize invoices as much as we need to and it is very user-friendly. We can email individual invoices or in bulk to save time. We can send invoice reminders and statements in a flash as well. All of these things help us get paid on time.,I've had a hard time linking Quickbooks with my bank account and then categorizing my income/expenses. I'm not sure why, but I wish there was someone who could help with this. I wish that I could make the emailed invoices come from my own email address so they have less of a chance of going to clients' spam inboxes. It's a little annoying that they really try to push the Online version versus the software version. I asked a sales rep on the online chat about it once and he really tried to discourage me, saying that they don't offer ANY support if you have the software. I suppose they make more money with online subscriptions.,9,Quickbooks Online has greatly helped us get more payments in on time by being able to invoice easily and collect card payments online. People can't use the "I forgot my checkbook" excuse. It has helped us stay organized, which is important when dealing with people's money. If there is a dispute, we can easily look up the client's account in our records and settle it. It has helped us pay employees on time and easily, while also keeping a record of every payment we have made to our employees and vendors.,PayPal Payments, PayPal Here and QuickBooks Pro,AppointmentPlus, Google Drive, Google FormsQuickBooks Online: A Non-Profit Executive Director's PerspectiveWe are using QuickBooks Online to manage our expenses and fundraising efforts across our entire non-profit organization. Previously we used simple spreadsheets to organize our financial data, but the QuickBooks functionality and ability to connect directly to our bank account was going to save us tons of time per month so we decided to switch to the online version. We also looked into the desktop version, but the bank connection functionality was greatly underdeveloped, so we decided that the online version would fit our organization the best even though it is not specific for non-profit organizations.,Bank Connection - it's so nice to be able to pull expenses and deposits directly from our bank account into QuickBooks for categorization, this was the primary reason we chose the online version. Categorization of Expenses - easy to categorize expenses and assign them to a certain vendor (same for sales and customers). Reporting - Statement of Activity, Financial Position and Revenue by Customer are the most used reports.,Non-profit functionality for fundraising - I have to categorize accounts receivable as sales, and instead of being able to show collection of the sale and put the funds into our fundraising (income) account upon collection, I have to delete the sale and recategorize the expense as a fundraising Reports could be more clearly labeled so I could find what I need better (e.g. being able to pull how much I paid a contractor by name). Reconciliation of errors between bank and QuickBooks accounts - I make mistakes, I need to know there's an easy way to reset the account to zero our minor errors, but have not yet found the means to do so.,9,QuickBooks Online has saved us tons of time each month categorizing expenses and income, allowing us to focus on more important tasks at hand. It was also a huge savior for compiling our next year's budget and projections. It took a long time to set up QuickBooks Online and the desktop version when we did a trial of that product. Product support is not great while setting up QuickBooks, especially when we had a lot of problems with our account.,QuickBooks Premier and Accounting by Wave,Asana, AirtableQBO - Good for basic double entry book keeping but don't expect bells and whistlesWe are a geographically diverse company dealing with distribution of retail goods to both online channels and stores. We needed a book keeping solution that was not overly complex but more importantly, could run in the cloud and be accessed 24/7 from anywhere. We also needed a system that would be able to pull transactions in from Amazon, Walmart, eBay etc., to automate bookkeeping as much as possible and also to tie in with our bank account at Citibank.,24/7 access in the cloud to our books from geographically diverse locations and timezones Relatively simple interface for non finance people who need to deal with invoicing or entry of bills Relatively low cost solution,Compared to the full desktop version, there is still a great deal of functionality missing. In particular sales orders and greater levels of report and invoice customization. There is a desktop app that can be downloaded but it doesn't really do much to provide better access than directly through the browser. It could be developed to provide better offline access or at least storage of some regularly used data. Unfortunately, there just isn't much out there that answers all the needs and QBO is more of a 'better the devil you know' solution than one that I would actively advocate.,7,As an online retailer and distributor of imported goods, QBO does not help me drill down to work out my profitability across different channels. For this, I end up back in Excel. QBO is a cost effective solution to basic double entry book keeping.,Xero, Zoho Books, Accounting by WaveQuickBooks Online is all you need!We are a small office and only I and our outside accountant use QuickBooks Online. It has allowed me to work on our finances remotely.,I like to create my own reports and can quickly access them and easily change them as needed. This is our second year of implementing our budget into the software; it is a great feature to add to my reports and helps to keep us on track. Recording expenses from our credit card is a great tool and saves me a lot of time.,The invoicing function lacks customization options. The software does not allow you to have multiple screens open at one time. Setting up the reoccurring payments feature is difficult.,8,The software allows you to compare previous years' results. It also allows our accountant to work simultaneously with us online. QuickBooks has tons of options and integrations; is intuitive, and provides the tools necessary for keeping track of our business. I enjoy the fact that I can easily access the financial information I need from any computer with a web browser, and it integrates with basically everything in our business.,QuickBooks Pro,Expensify, Dropbox, Constant ContactGood for small business working closely with bookkeeper or accountant onlineWe use QuickBooks Online when our bookkeeping customers need a solution that allows access from anywhere and/or by multiple people.,Easy to access from any computer. As long as you can check your email for the verification code, you can access your QuickBooks Online file from any computer. Download activity from your bank or credit card account. QuickBooks Online makes it easy to download the activity from most banks and major credit cards and to review and post that activity to the books. Statement reconciliations. The reconciliation function makes it easy to do bank reconciliations or reconcile credit card statements. You can edit from the reconciliation screen, or easily click to edit a transaction if needed.,Customizing reports. The Customize screen is clunky. For instance, it is harder than it should be to show a Debit and Credit columns instead of just an Amount. It takes several clicks and dragging. The payroll module is awkward and rigid. There is almost no option for customization or correction. The reports are terrible and almost impossible to convert for use in excel format. Any correction or alteration involves a call to customer service when it should just be a simple fix (as it is in the desktop version of QuickBooks payroll). I avoid using QuickBooks Online payroll if at all possible. Preparing 1099. Working in the Forms 1099 wizard is no good. You cannot easily go back once you click on a link. The filters reset and you have to start over. You cannot scroll or sort by amount, you have to page through sometimes dozens of screens to review the items.,8,QuickBooks Online has allowed us to expand to clients who do not spend their day in the office by giving them the option of accessing the account from just about anywhere. It has also reduced travel and down time by allowing us to access client books without having to drive to their home or office to do so.,QuickBooks Pro,QuickBooks ProQBO is #1... for now.We use QuickBooks Online for our all of our organization’s billing, daily accounting, and tax preparation.,The convenience of it being web-based allows me access regardless of location. It also affords me the opportunity to use an app on my phone when I’m on the go. The application itself is pretty clean and fairly easy to use.,The price. It’s too expensive.,8,It has helped us streamline our billing and accounting practices. It saves us an incredible amount of time processing bills, expenses, payroll, and monthly reconciliation.,,WordPress, SEMRush, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator CC,2,1,Accounting Billing Financial reporting,8I would recommend QuickBooks Online.QuickBooks Online is used by our book keeper and accountant. It helps us keep track of our expenses and run detailed reports to evaluate the health of our business.,Easy to use. Great dashboard.,Always ensure main owner is the Master Administration. This eliminates any problems obtaining your data from a book keeper.,9,Streamlines book keeping and accounting. Allows specific reports to be run immediately.,Hubdoc,MINDBODY, AskNicelyQuickbooks online will keep you organized and saving money at tax timeFor our real estate business, we use quickbooks to solve a number of problems. We use it to pay vendors and utilities (where applicable), receive payments from tenants, reporting, tracking expenses, and tax prep. It has been used by the business as a whole, as well as by individual salespeople to track client related expenses.,Expense reporting. There are several reporting options making this a breeze to produce Scheduling bill pay to various vendors Tax preparation and getting ready to file.,Collaboration. I would like multiple members of our team to be able to collaborate better. I have difficulty sometimes tracking what was done by whom at a user level. Making user permissions easier to manage. Setting security options between users. The features may be there but it is not as intuitive to set certain access permissions and differentiate between users as I would like. Integration into Outlook calendars would be a nice add-on for payment reminders. These are setup and scheduled for payment automatically through the app, but a reminder on my personal calendar would be a nice add on. It may even be available but I am not aware of it.,9,Implementing QB saved us lots of money that would have otherwise went to an accountant for tax prep. QB does a lot of the work for us, saving time with the accountant, prep for accountant meetings, and lots of time and money to prepare a return This saved us time and money on checks, envelopes, stamps and LATE FEES! Record keeping and reporting are 2 invaluable features QB Online does really well.,,Expensify, DocuSign, OneNote,4,Adding Invoices Adding Receipts and Payments Scheduling payments,Adding in Payroll (couldn't figure this out),Yes, but I don't use it,8QuickBooks Online is a solid program that takes some time to learnWe use QuickBooks Online (QBO) for all bookkeeping, invoicing and reporting. It solves all of our booking and a/r needs.,QuickBooks makes invoicing and matching transactions easy. QuickBooks can generate accurate p&ls, balance sheets and gives you a good picture of what’s going on with your business. They have a great mobile app that is very functional as well.,QuickBooks online can be very slow, sometimes very frustrating. Better customer support. More training options for newcomers, it’s not an easy to learn software if you’ve never used accounting software before.,6,As the company has grown it has really become an integral part of our business. It's a very robust program, we use it as a daily tool for bookkeeping and A/P. We haven't used all the features of QBO, and it does take a good amount of learning/trial & error to get up to speed. I would recommend using a QuickBooks certified consultant if you need the training. Overall QBO has really helped organize our small business.,FreshBooks and Accounting by Wave,, monday,2,,Accounts Receivable Reports Bookkeeping Invoicing,Payroll Cash Flow management Inputting Bills,7Not customizable enough. Desktop QB is much better.We use it for invoicing customers, paying bills (via check), and payroll.,Payroll is easy. It's easy to compare reports like P&L and Balance Sheet from year to year. The dashboard makes it easy to get a snapshot of your company.,The lack of forms customization is really terrible. It isn't malleable enough for the needs of different types of business. The program runs WAY TOO SLOW! Every click takes too long to connect with the server. It often has too many clicks to get to areas I use often. It needs to be more intuitive with fewer clicks to get to everything.,5,I wish had never switched to QBO. The desktop version was much better suited for our business.,QuickBooks Pro,CurrentQuickBooks Online is a Suitable Accounting SoftwareQuickbooks Online helps us keep track and manage all of our accounts. It keep us organized and top of everything, financially speaking. We can easily track profits, expenses, sales, and taxes from within Quickbooks. It's also incredibly easy to setup as an employer and add new employees (It takes the headaches out of paying payroll taxes as well).,Ease of use, it's important for non-financial background business owners to understand the flow of money Great help with keeping track of your money flow Very easy to keep track of recurring invoices and customer payments,Even after you've purchased the product Quickbooks will advertise loans and plugins to you occasionally Invoice filtering doesn't default to most recent, but defaults to open invoices and then some random ordering More complicated processes require an accountant version of Quickbooks to complete,10,Given us an easy way to manage and keep track of our money Helped us know what smart expenses we could make and what we can afford to spend on Given us clear objectives and paths to growing financially,,ConnectWise Control (formerly ScreenConnect), Acronis Backup Cloud, Acronis Disaster Recovery Service,2,,Accounting Invoicing Payroll,Time tracking Sales Taxes Customer Management,More accurate and better time tracking with a plugin Quotes and loan applications Help with Workman's Comp Insurance,10,No,Price Product Features Product Usability Prior Experience with the Product,I wouldn't change our evaluation process. We went with the most cost effective application for our purposes. QuickBooks does everything we need it to do and it's got a great price.We went from spreadsheets to QuickBooks Online and it has transformed our company.We are a small company, so only two of us have access to QuickBooks Online. The way we use it: My Director of Operations is in charge of Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Cash Flow. We use QuickBooks Online integration with for our Accounts Payable. For Cash Flow we use the QuickBooks Online integration with Float. I use QuickBooks Online to generate P&L reports and reconcile all of our bank accounts and credit cards.,Integrations with different services, such as and Float. Our P&L is really clean now. We transitioned from Cash to Accrual in 2017 and QBO has helped tremendously. Customizing invoices using a template was something we took advantage of, since our old customers were used to an existing format.,The user management has been broken at times. I had a support ticket out for nearly a year before my issue was resolved. They've increased the price recently and I wasn't expecting it. Although, it's still a value for us. The Mac app has been unstable in the past. Fortunately you can still use the website in the rare case that the desktop app fails to load.,9,We had an issue with people paying us on time. With QuickBooks Online we are now able to track how far overdue an invoice is, and act on it. Clearly seeing our expenses by category has allowed us to budget better in the future. Reconciling our accounts is great in that we see every dollar going out and coming in.,Xero, Accounting by Wave and ZipBooks,Float, Bill.comGreat Accounting System for Small Businesses and OrganizationsMost of my clients are using QuickBooks Online companywide. There are not many dimensions available they can use, such as location, segment, department, project and so on.,Easy to use whether accountant or non-accountant, except setup and adjustments. Simple processes on banking (cash transaction match) and bank/account reconciliations. Great dashboard where you can see an overview of financial performance at a high level simultaneously instead of running individual reports.,As I mentioned earlier, we sometimes need to have more than one account dimension like 'Class' to record transactions for companies/clients who have complicated organization structures or/and business lines. Payroll services are not really very comprehensive.,8,Increases efficiency in business operation, especially finance/internal controls. Having one place to store all accounting/financial files. Ability to run real-time reports.,Sage Intacct and NetSuite,Sage IntacctQuickbooks Online is on pointIt is used by the local organization as a whole. It solves the issues of workers working remotely and still having access.,Invoicing Reminder emails for outstanding invoices Setting up pledges was simple,The overall organization. Something's are organized in a manner that's not immediately obvious Report names and items should be consistent with the desktop versions as well for ease of use from those transitioning,8,Positive ROI,,ProcoreOnline is so easy to access and stay up to dateQuickBooks Online allows me to keep up with all my bookkeeping. We use the check register to enter all checks and merge with our online banking for quick entry.,The online banking is very helpful with balancing my accounts. I like the merging of entries. The categories help me budget and plan my income and expense workflow. The merge of credit cards into our account is helpful in tracking.,It is sometimes time intensive to label each transaction. I like that it merges the online account into my ledger, but the repeat entries don't always categorize as I like.,10,Super ROI, love to be able to log in where ever I am Easy to use and easy to log in,QuickBooks Premier,EagleSoftQuickBooks is a quick option for your accountingQuickBooks online helped us to organize our monthly expenses and income helping us to create profit loss reporting. This software has helped us to keep accurate and up-to-date reporting for our monthly board meetings. This has increased our accountability and improved communication within the organization. A company that knows where and how its money is being spent is going to be more successful.,The reporting options are great with virtually any combination of information you might want! Online access is a huge advantage for companies that need multiple users to access the product. QuickBooks has been a consistent name in the accounting software world which makes it very reliable.,The pre-populated reports are great, however, when you want to customize your options, the process is not very user-friendly. There is not a built-in way to check for duplicate records so you may have multiple records for one client as spelling is different or something like that. The desktop version still has far more features. It would be nice for some of these to be implemented online.,8,QuickBooks has helped us to get paid quicker through the easy invoicing options. QuickBooks has helped us stay on our projected budget for six months since we are able to easily assess where we are.,,Wix, Canva, Google DomainsGreat Accounting Software for SMB Retailers!We use QuickBooks Online (QBO) to manage our financials, including invoicing customers and collect payments. We integrate it with our store management system. Our tax accountant uses QBO reports to pay taxes. We also use Intuit payroll to manage our employee payroll. This addresses all of our financial reporting needs. We use it across our entire organization.,Makes it easy to create invoices and send to customers. We can batch send invoices to save time. We use the auto-billing feature to automatically create invoices for recurring billing.,QBO goes offline too often. The sales tax center is difficult to use. I would like more flexibility to remove the QBO branding from emailed invoices and alerts. Intuit does not allow you to remove the QBO branding.,10,Great return on its cost. Replaces the need to use expensive accounting services. Payroll service also a great value. In most cases, you get excellent support (sometimes hold times are long). Allows us to manage most accounting functions internally.,,MicroBiz, MailChimpQuickBooks Online Pros and ConsThe majority of our monthly accounting clients are on QuickBooks Online (QBO). It addresses the problem of having to wait for clients to provide bank/credit card statements at the end of a month or quarter before we can begin moving forward with the monthly closing process. It also allows for great collaboration with the clients so that a lot of double work is eliminated. By integrating with other apps available on the QuickBooks Online App Store, it is possible to achieve a great deal of automation with things like sales transaction entry.,Sync with online banking and credit card accounts Integration with third-party apps Data is always backed up Data is available anywhere there is an internet connection,Inventory tracking for clients with huge turnover, backorders (there are third-party app integrations that work on a smaller level, but we had to go to QuickBooks Enterprise Hosted for one of our large retail clients because of the more robust inventory reporting features). Pricing continues to go up over time. While great for the average business owner, there are a few features that are built-in to virtually all professional accounting systems that I believe they should make available at least in the Accountant version of QBO (things like closing distributions into retained earnings when closing an S Corp's books for the year).,9,Positive - save time with repetitive data entry Positive - reduce double work by making client's activities (such as invoicing) part of the actual accounting system Negative - higher software costs than our old software (it may be argued that this is made up for in the time savings that resulted from switching to QBO),Xero,Microsoft Office 365, Adobe Acrobat DC, Google DriveBusiness Owner InsightMy mother has a bookkeeping practice and I help her with inputting the bank info and doing writeups for her clients. QuickBooks Online is very efficient and is very intuitive. It is very useful for small businesses to help track their expenditure and we like the ability and flexibility of not having to commute to clients but having them FedEx the info to us.,We are able to share the work from multiple locations. As a small business owner you cant beat the price. Most important it is user friendly and most people can navigate through it and don't require extensive training.,Please add better visualization i.e. charts , graphs etc. Users should have the ability to select a different versions of Financial statements, P&L etc. I would look into enhancing the speed of the overall transactional component.,9,Don't need to train staff on the use, very user friendly. A great price for the quality of product you get. It pays for itself. The speed needs to be enhanced - servers or processing speed.,Peachtree,Oracle BI Foundation Suite, SAP Business Objects Data Quality Management, EPM LiveGood experience overall!QBs online is used mostly by the bookkeeper, CPA, CFO and CEO. The multiple access to QBs online allows excellent collaboration between all the stakeholders.,Information is updated instantaneously. The reports like P&L, collections, and AR aging are very useful on a day-to-day basis. Neat to share info with investors and the board.,Billing: lack of automation, it's still very manual. Payment gateway: it exists but it's very limited (no storage of CC or ACH for automatic payment online). Payment recognition is very inefficient. SaaS KPI are missing (MRR, Churn, LTV, CAC, ARPA, etc.)! I'm actually thinking of using other providers to solve these issues (like Zuora, Stripes, Kissmetrics, etc.),8,Looks good from a management standpoint to share data and update rapidly. QBs online is not too expensive.,,Expensify, DocuSign
QuickBooks Online
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QuickBooks Online
660 Ratings
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Score 8.0 out of 101

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Direct deposit files (29)
Salary revision and increment management (18)
Reimbursement management (20)
API for custom integration (22)
Plug-ins (22)
Single sign-on capability (32)
Role-based user permissions (37)
Dashboards (47)
Standard reports (51)
Custom reports (49)
Accounts payable (44)
Accounts receivable (52)
Cash management (47)
Bank reconciliation (52)
Expense management (45)
Time tracking (21)
Fixed asset management (20)
Multi-currency support (8)
Multi-division support (21)
Regulations compliance (15)
Electronic tax filing (22)
Self-service portal (20)
Global Financial Support (2)
Primary and Secondary Ledgers (5)
Intercompany Accounting (7)
Localizations (4)
Journals and Reconciliations (13)
Enterprise Accounting (6)
Configurable Accounting (8)
Centralized Rules Framework (3)
Standardized Processes (6)
Inventory tracking (20)
Automatic reordering (8)
Location management (9)
Manufacturing module (6)
Pricing (22)
Order entry (21)
Credit card processing (24)
Cost of goods sold (25)
Order Orchestration (4)
End-to-end order visibility (4)
Order exception Resolution (3)

About QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online is a SaaS verison of the QuickBooks product. It contains all of the features found in the local version, features typical of similarly priced accounting software. The monthly fee for this service starts at $10 and climbs to $30 with the Plus version, which has the richest features. The base level allows for unlimited invoices and estimates, expense tracking, importing from Excel or Quickbooks desktop, data backup, mobile accessibility, and integration with many other applications. The Essentials pricing plan contain more automation, more bill and payment management, as well as inventory and time tracking, and the Plus package contains budgeting and analytic features.

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